Colchester Soup

Who? Colchester Soup

What? Colchester Soup draws its inspiration from an initiative in Detroit.  It’s a scheme to encourage local initiatives by providing a platform to share their ideas… and a chance to win some funds.

Attendees purchase a drink and a bowl of soup for a set price, and they also receive a vote. During the evening, 3 local people or groups have the opportunity to present their ideas – what they’ve been doing, why they need the money and how they see themselves in 6 months time. They don’t have to have charity status, simply people who feel their idea makes a bit of difference to an element of their community.

Everyone present votes… and the winner gets to take home the money that has been raised from the soup sales.

The votes go in and the winner wins the money from the door takings.

Where and When? Upcoming events are listed on Colchester Soup’s website. You can reserve your place for the evening… or share your idea for a change to participate.

Telephone: 07532 253540
Twitter: @colchestersoup
You can visit Colchester Soup’s website here.