greenstead.online is an online local community to bring together residents of Greenstead, Longridge Park, Avondale and Acorn estates in Colchester, Essex.

It has been developed by Chris Hill, Christopher Lee, and Victoria Hill and is funded by Chris Hill.

Chris HillChris Hill has lived in the Greenstead ward for all of his life; he works in IT in London for a not-for-profit company and travels from Greenstead’s Hythe Station on a daily basis. He attends church in Colchester and enjoys listening to all kinds of music, watching comedy and drama films, The Grand Tour, and Suits. He has stood in the local council elections for the last 3 years.

Christopher LeeChristopher Lee lives on Longridge and works as a landscape gardener in the Greenstead area. He enjoys working with computers, debating via Twitter and creating online worlds using Minecraft. He stood in the most recent local council election as an independent.

Victoria HillVictoria Hill grew up on Greenstead and went to Sir Charles Lucas School (now Colchester Academy). She volunteers at a charity which aims to help the homeless and disadvantaged. She enjoys reading, craft activities and watching crime shows, and is a published author.