Petition Proposing Country Park

We have posted a petition requesting that Colchester Borough Council and Tendring District Council work together to protect the Salary Brook Valley area opposite Greenstead and Longridge from development as part of the Emerging Local Plan 2017-2032.

As part of the petition, we are requesting:

  1. The designation of the whole of Salary Brook Valley and the eastern slopes of Clinghoe Hill (from the area surrounding Salary Brook to Slough Lane and following the path of this road until it meets Wivenhoe Road and subsequently meets Bromley Road) as a Country Park, or a similar development designation with necessary restrictions on any development within that area.
  2. That any housing development approved to the east of the above is made conditional on the planning, implementation and completion of the infrastructure required to support that development (roads, public transport, schools, healthcare, community facilities, sports and recreational facilities) before the new residential areas are opened.
  3. A full assessment being made of the potential flood risk of any new development making the existing flooding problems in the Salary Brook area any worse, and binding guarantees being obtained from water companies and the developers that specific measures that will be implemented to prevent the new development from increasing the flood risk, and to mitigate the existing level of flooding in the area.
  4. A commitment that any new development will include at least 30% affordable housing, will include new social housing for those currently unable to afford a home, and housing suitable for students, low income families, and single parents, who may currently struggle to afford suitable housing for their needs.

Below is an image which outlines the area we have requested to be protected from development, which we believe will prevent any increase in the existing flood risk within the area, and preserve the existing character of Greenstead and Longridge as semi-rural suburban communities. This will provide an ample ‘buffer zone’ between the existing developments and any new development. We also include an indication of the area behind which we believe development must not take place in order to protect the new development from being seen from the existing estates (which we consider to represent a ‘tree line’).

If you wish to sign the petition, please go to the petition site. Proposed Country Park, Visible from Area

5 thoughts on “ Petition Proposing Country Park

  1. We need to keep this area free from housing. Greenstead and longridge are both big enough estates and we need to keep some green space for future generations.

  2. Greenstead and Longridge is already a large development,to add further homes to the area without thought of keeping large green space between the areas,also risk off flooding with the loss of flood plains etc.
    Traffic is already bad in the area and cannot take any more rush hour traffic

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