Salary Brook Country Park

In the recent local plan there is a written outline of a new country park to be created as a buffer between Greenstead and the new garden community. The park will cover the Salary Brook corridor and Churn Wood. It is written in the plan the park will be a minimum size of 70 hectares (700,000m2). A quick estimate of the area of Churn Wood gives 25 hectares (250,000m2). Subtracting Churn Wood from the total leaves an area of 45 hectares (450,000m2). The length of the Salary Brook corridor is roughly 1.5km. Divide the remaining area by the length and you’ve got a strip 300m wide (450,000/1,500 = 300).

The local plan hasn’t been formally accepted, there’s no actual evidence to suggest where this park is going but a rough outline of the figures above is shown below.

Salary Brook Country Park Dimensions


There’s still no formal plans but here’s another image I’ve been passed from the Wivenhoe Independents.



Please sign and share the petition to say we want whole of the Salary Brook valley made in to a country park.

6 thoughts on “Salary Brook Country Park

  1. The proposed 70 hectares of “country park” is along the entire length of the Salary Brook that is in the plans – so longer than on your map. Thus it could be a smaller area around Salary Brook that is part of the “country park”. Please message me at Colchester East Action Group on Facebook for my thoughts.

  2. The dictionary defintion of ‘valley’ is ‘low area between hills’, so the valley is only the part at the bottom…not the slopes.

    So saving the valley is probably not the term to use.

  3. I’m uncertain about petitions because it makes people think they have done their bit, when really it would be better if they responded personally to the current public consultations.

    If there are petitions, then they should be referred to as part of a response to the public consultations.

    There is a previous ‘Save The Salary Brook Valley’ petition:

    That petition seemed to me to be just asking that the area at the bottom of the slopes is saved.

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